[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every forty seconds someone dies from a stroke, a heart attack, or another form of cardiovascular disease in the USA, making it our number one killer.

And every year it gets worse and worse.

This is despite the fact that we, as a nation, take more and more statin drugs to lower our cholesterol, more and more anti-hypertensive drugs to lower our blood pressure, and more and more anti-diabetic drugs to lower our blood sugar.

In fact, the latest evidence suggests that not only are these approaches failing, but the may be making things worse.

In a 2009 study, Pfizer, who manufactures Lipitor, a common statin drug, raised concerns that in some patient populations, statin drugs seem to be INCREASING the rates of​ heart attacks by about 2 percent. Another study in the journal Atherosclerosis shows that statin use is associated with a 52 percent INCREASE in calcified coronary plaque. And Diabetes Care reported that Type 2 Diabetics with advanced atherosclerosis who also use statin havesignificantly HIGHER amounts of coronary artery calcification and increased risk of death.

But according to the powers that be, we should be putting statins in our drinking water and yelling halleluia to Big Pharma.

The saddest part of this story is that over 90 percent of these conditions and deaths are completely preventable. Unfortunately, the changes are that your doctor hasn’t been trained at all in how to teach you to protect yourself and prevent these deaths.

Folks, cholesterol doesn’t go up because we a deficient in Lipitor.  Blood pressure does rise because we don’t have enough Lisinopril (aka Brazilian Pit Viper Venom) and hydrochlorothiazide in our system. Diabetes doesn’t suddenly happen because we are missing Metformin in our lives.

In fact the idea of the above is as absurd as continuing to throw money into a system that is not helping, is not saving lives, and is geared toward profiteering off of end state diseases.

The only people that I know that are fully equipped and trained to teach you how to be healthy are Functional Medicine doctors and some clinical nutritionists (read: not likely dieticians) (and yeah, I know I’m making a lot of friends here – but you know what, your lives are on the line and by God someone needs to say something).

Here’s what you should do TODAY:

  1. Eliminate processed foods. If it’s boxed, canned, wrapped, packaged or processed, don’t eat it. return to real, whole food. Remember Hypocrites said, “Food is thy medicine.”
  2. Eliminate added sugars and fruit juice. Sugar in = sugar up.
  3. Move. Like get off your butt and move. A lot or at least as much as you can. I promise it gets easier. And if you say you can’t for this or that reason, I’d ask you to call my father, Jack, who was told he’d never walk again and spent every day for three years reconditioning his body after a massive brain surgery. Not only is he walking, but he got his driver’s license back. And he’s in his 80’s.
  4. Keep Calm and Keep Calm. Learn to meditate. Learn to breathe. Learn to Let Go. My sister, Sandy, said, “You have to give up control to gain control.” I come from a wise family.
  5. Lastly: Laugh. Have fun. Enjoy this moment – after all, it’s really all we have. The past is gone and the future has yet to happen.

I’ll be speaking on Cardiometabolic Syndrome a little later this month. Be sure to check out our calendar of events and I hope to see you there.

Be Well – and have an EPIC

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