When it comes to food, fresh is best, but what happens when summer ends, kids go back to school, work picks back up or maybe time crunches during your day are just the norm? When our schedules get busy, it can feel overwhelming to keep up a healthy diet — but it doesn’t have to be! Many people view meal prepping as intimidating or time consuming, when in fact it is actually a very cost effective way to save time and stress throughout your week while maintaining that healthy diet we all strive to stick to. 

When it comes to meal prepping, your way is the best way. You can meal prep for as many days as you’d like, up to a week’s worth of meals. Many find it most helpful to pick a specific day to get everything knocked out at once. To begin, you’ll want to plan out what meals you’d like to have for the week (or for however many days you choose) in advance, and let the grocery shopping commence. It’s important to make sure you have quality, freezer-safe, BPA-free food storage containers to store your food in once it’s been prepared. Once you have all of your ingredients, it’s time to get cooking, sorting and storing!

In retrospect, it may seem as if you’ve spent more time cooking on that particular day making multiple meals as opposed to just cooking one; but the time saving kicks in with not having to cook those meals throughout the duration of the week or days you’ve prepped for. Portion control is another benefit of prepping your meals. Since the food has already been prepped and packed, you’re less likely to over-indulge when normally you might be inclined to do so. Another plus includes being less likely to “cheat” on your food plan and wind up eating something less-than-healthy due to convenience. Ensuring your meals are prepped in this scenario will turn out to be the convenient option! In addition, less food waste is also a common factor as mentioned above, things are portioned out more efficiently followed by a plan to consume the “leftovers” rather than forgetting about them and letting them sit in your fridge or freezer until they’re no longer consumable.

All in all, meal prepping does not need to be overwhelming or intimidating, and you can always start small to build confidence if you are feeling this way. Take things at your own pace, and remember your way is always the best way!





To your Health and Wellness;

Stephanie Pete

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