Client Success Story: Emily Long

Emily Long

Summary of Her Main Concerns:

  • Hashimoto’s for several years
  • “Anxiety I was experiencing was affecting my everyday life.”
  • “There were many other symptoms of Hashimoto’s that were also occurring but the anxiety was the breaking point in seeking help from EPIC.”

Summary of  Results:

  • I don’t have chest pain anymore. I don’t have heart palpitations anymore. I don’t have anxiety anymore. So I’ve been completely off of anxiety meds for a year. Earlier this year was able to stop taking thyroid meds completely.
  • I’m not sitting at home all the time… And I mean, every day, my positive attitude is back and my go get them attitude is back in place. And so I’m just much happier overall than when I started this journey.
  • 83% Reduction in Symptoms in 6 months 

What Are You Looking Forward To Now?

  • “We bought some land because we want to build our dream house. So that’s something that we I’ve really been able to get into now. And I was really worried when I first started this journey, because, you know, I was thinking, how will I ever be able to help with this property that we’ve got? … And you just think how is your health going to impact those (dreams) and now I just kind of feel like, sky’s the limit, right? I’m feeling so much better, I feel like I can do whatever and make my dreams come true. So that’s kind of where I’m at today, from a year and a half ago.

Emily Shares Her Story & One Piece of Advice

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