What does it mean to fully commit? To me, it means putting my heart and soul into what I want to achieve. It means fighting urges that may set me back, not letting my surroundings interfere with the outcome that I want, and not giving in when the going gets tough. Most importantly, it means believing in myself. When it comes to my health —more specifically what and how I eat, I have struggled to fully commit. In fact, I have never fully committed to eating healthy. Until now!


Growing up, my parents did not put an emphasis on eating healthy, although we did have a garden. I remember coming home from school and grabbing a snack of snap peas or green beans, straight out of the garden. All I cared about was how good they tasted! But generally speaking, I did not grow up with healthy habits. But I can’t sit here and blame my parents for not teaching me about healthy eating. It wasn’t something that was overly prevalent then. I do know now how important it is and I will make a conscious decision every single day about what I choose to eat.


Now comes the purge! I’ve gotten rid of the non-healthy food that was in my house. No more bags of chips, chocolate/candy stash, ice cream, soda, frozen pizza, etc. It all has to go! Out of sight, out of mind! Now that I’m not eating those foods, I realize I feel better! I’m not bloated, extra gassy, fatigued, stiff, or nauseated. I don’t get headaches as often and I don’t wake up feeling exhausted. Also I’m not as irritable. I just feel better!!


Today, I have all of the tools necessary to achieve success. I have a job that I love with co-workers who support me and I am married to my best friend and he is taking this journey with me. I have access to endless knowledge to utilize should I have any questions along the way. This little voice in the back of my head keeps reminding me that I CAN do this. Most importantly, I have the fully committed mindset that may be tempted but will not be deterred.

Crystal Coia
COO, Office Manager, Receptionist
EPIC Functional Medicine Center

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