How is Neurofeedback able to effectively impact the brain and address poor mental health conditions? Put simply — it is a form of training for the brain. Much like going to the gym to train and create a healthier body, neurofeedback is a mental exercise to train and create a healthier brain.

This training focuses in on four of our major brain waves: Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. Each brain wave operates within a specific frequency range, or in other words, each controls a different level of mental activity. The brain is constantly building new connections which work to govern and create these brain wave patterns. When exposed to prolonged high stress levels, physical trauma, or emotional trauma, the brain continues to construct patterns, but is not as capable of doing so in a beneficial way. The result are dysregulated connections which lead to dysregulated brain wave patterns. Neurofeedback does not erase these poor connections, but rather guides the brain to create new, healthier ones in their place. Doing so leads the brain to inhibit activation of poor connections and the poor brain wave patterns that result.

Neurofeedback training is comprised of individual sessions, where one relaxes and watches a television program. During the program, small sensors monitor brainwave activity. When these brainwave patterns begin to deviate, a signal is produced in real time which allows the brain to recognize what it is doing and identify this as negative. This signal takes form as a fading of the audio and visual content of that television program. The concept seems very simple on the surface, but with time and repetition of training, the brain learns and responds in remarkable ways. Endless research supports the positive effects of this training over the last 30 years, and more with true and tried results. Hence therapy is essentially non-invasive, drug-free, safe, pleasant, and most importantly: effective.

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