This month’s testimonial features our client Karen Kummerfeldt. Karen’s day to day life was a big struggle not only with a dysfunctional thyroid but also with a past injury that has led to continued struggle with fatigue, dizziness, and needing to frequently rest throughout the day. Karen loves to spend time with her grandchildren, growing an amazing garden, and working outside to take care of their livestock and property.

History – how was Karen’s life impacted by her health concerns?

Karen shares,

I had problems digesting my food, I had lots of food sensitivities, inflammation in my body especially in my chest and throat. I had muscle and joint pain throughout my body . I was 50 lbs over-weight with high triglycerides. I was extremely tired taking 1-2 hr. naps during the day. I was diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction and taking medication.”

Taking Action – what did we implement to help Karen?

We implemented thorough laboratory testing, including full blood panel, stool chemistry, food sensitivities, and intestinal permeability. In addition to targeted supplementation to balance out these findings, we also implemented a step by step process of coaching through hydration, then diet, then movement, stress management, and lastly sleep.

Karen’s thyroid proved to need help and guidance in the right balance of support through nutrients and natural desiccated thyroid glandular, along with removing triggers of her Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) antibodies.

In addition, Karen has also sought other practitioners for support/therapy of her past injury (helping with fatigue and dizziness) which has proven to be a great addition to the care and approach we offered at EPIC functional medicine.

Karen has been a rock-star in taking action to implement our advice and guidance, even when it meant making lifestyle and dietary changes that would omit foods she otherwise wished she could enjoy. Her health was (and is) worth it, no matter what it takes!

Karen shares,

I no longer have a “leaky gut” and digesting my foods better. I still have food sensitivities, but eating differently based upon the food sensitivity test and EPIC food plan. I have less inflammation in my body with no muscle and joint pain. I have lost 40+ lbs. and triglycerides are well within the normal range. My feet are not numb and I can feel my toes again! I don’t have to take those long naps everyday. I can just take short “brain breaks” instead. I have discontinued my thyroid medication and am regulating TSH by taking thyroid supplements instead. I feel so much better and can do more tasks during the day and can spend more time with friends and family and doing more hobbies.”


Karen’s progress has been methodical and consistent throughout her first seven months of care. Sometimes weight loss would fluctuate and plateau, but she’d also notice improvements in her symptoms. Staying focused on improvement in symptoms helped to continue moving forward and letting time and hard work bear its fruit. Below are the symptom reduction scores from August 2020 to March 2021:

In Summary

Overall, Karen’s been able to regain much of her day and time back! There is still a journey ahead, but now it’s a matter of fine-tuning things and continuing to let time mend her.

Karen shares some final feedback,

The whole EPIC team has helped. Stephanie and Rachel with technology and labs support. Dr. B and Dan with all my health concerns . I had lots of questions and Dan and Dr. B. answered all of them in a timely manner. The quality of care and the ability of Dr. B and Dan in regarding health information is outstanding.”