A few weeks ago, our EPIC Facebook page featured football star Tom Brady and a look at the amazing raw food-based diet Brady and his wife follow.

Here, I want to explore another health routine Brady follows that we all can benefit from: muscle pliability.

Muscle pliability is all about keeping your muscles long and soft. It’s actually the opposite of what most of us naturally think to do. Most do exercises that shorten or contract our muscles, to increase their strength and give ourselves a hard, bulky look.

Brady’s focus on muscle pliability training has obviously paid off (literally and figuratively!). You can learn how to keep your muscles long and strong, too — through any Essentrics® class.

Essentrics® is something I turned to years ago to help ease my own pain from rheumatoid arthritis. I am now an Essentrics instructor®. The program encourages movements that both lengthen (stretch) the muscles AND strengthen (shorten) them. Overall, this combo leads to longer and stronger muscles.

And that means muscles that are flexible and injury-free.

Improved muscle pliability is what enables us to move better, increasing our range of motion. We find pain relief by lengthening the muscles or pulling out of the joint as we make more space for the fluids that will lubricate those joint areas.

The more pliable or “give” in the muscles, the greater our ability to throw a ball, garden, run or comfortably move. I only wish I would have honed in on these benefits at a younger age! Fortunately, muscle pliability assists us in aging gracefully ????

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