Dr. Jason Bradley’s EPIC Five Plan is an online autoimmune thyroid & chronic disease program that comprehensively addresses the root causes and triggers of underlying disease.

About Dr. Jason Bradley

Dr. Jason Bradley is both a naturopathic and chiropractic physician board certified in Functional Medicine (IFMCP). His over two decades of experience of helping his clients overcome their suffering from autoimmunity and thyroid disorders began with a personal crusade. For nearly a decade, Dr. Bradley had suffered from unexplainable chronic symptoms including weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, insomnia, GI disturbances, headaches, and more. Finding no help nor solutions within the traditional medical model, Dr. Bradley, through his own research and efforts, developed The EPIC Five Plan that allowed him, and now countless others, to resolve the underlying causes of suffering and truly take back their health, their happiness, and their life. Now, along with his team of trusted professionals, Dr. Bradley's passion comes through in his message: You are meant to shine - and we want to help you be the brightest Light that you can be.

How Does The Program Work?

  • Dr. Bradley always says, “If we ask the body the right questions we will get the answers that we need.” 
  • With comprehensive laboratory testing we are able to assess food sensitivies, heavy metal toxicities, leaky gut, comprehensive hormone, thyroid and adrenal balance, nutrient status, organ system health, immune system function, metabolism, GI function & microbiome balance (And more) that will give you the ANSWERS that you need to correct the ROOT CAUSES of your symptoms.
  • To simplify: we help you get “the bad stuff out” , “put the good stuff in” & restore balance to your entire system.

  • We have a Health Coach guided 16-Week Step-by-Step curriculum equipping you with the knowledge, resources, and mindfulness you need to take action to resolve your suffering TODAY and lay down a foundation for your health for decades to come.
  • Weekly LIVE Empowerment Coaching Calls & Group Workshops with EPIC Trained Coaches (trained personally by Dr. Bradley) 
  • Expert Coaching Calls & Advanced Trainings with Dr. Jason Bradley  
  • Our Member-Only Facebook Community is a safe and supportive place for healing and extra accountability with peer support from people just like YOU that are either going through the program with or have been through the program and can offer sage advice. Dr. B always says we’re all bright lights but putting our brains together we can become even brighter.
  • This community is called the “Optimum Wellness for Life Community” or OWL for short … because we believe that we all become wiser together. 

  • EPIC is Outcomes-Driven. You might wonder what this means… It means that every step along the way we are making objective measurements and making sure you get the support you need.
  • From the Weekly Self Asessments and interactions with your coach to the Monthly Objective Symptom Questionnaire and EPIC Five Self Assessment to follow up Lab Data proving that your body is getting better we can measure (and celebrate) your success every step along the way.
  • If you’d like to hear from our Clients check our some of our Testimonials HERE.

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