How and why do different psychiatric conditions occur? At certain times, it doesn’t always make sense to us; at other times we are able to pinpoint where the brain is misfiring and what likely lead it to do so.

Given experiences, environment, habit, genetics, along with many other factors, the brain constructs connections and develops patterns that create the basis for our everyday emotion and cognition. A problem arises though when these connections and patterns are not healthy.

In going throughout one’s everyday life, information and experience are fed through a disordered system. As a result, undesirable symptoms become apparent, indicating a state of poor mental health and oftentimes contributing to negative experiences for those suffering with this situation. The brain built these connections for various reasons, but that does not mean they must always exist in this way. We are constantly generating new cells, learning and integrating new information and constructing novel pathways; although when these conditions become severe, many require intervention and guidance to do so. Neurofeedback is a safe, effective and drug-free therapy that acts in this way.

Rather than forcing the brain into another state, as is the case with many other interventions, Neurofeedback is a form of brain training. This therapy teaches the brain to recognize detrimental wave activity as it is occurring and guides it to instead respond in positive ways. By reinforcing this training over time, the brain changes timing and activation patterns, establishing positive framework in place of negative connections that previously existed. Once the brain has created these new pathways, it is able to maintain healthy function and improved regulation without constant reinforcement of the Neurofeedback device. In absence of disorder, negative symptoms see vast reduction, if not total elimination, and one is no longer left to suffer from these states of mind. The brain is eager to integrate new information and maintain healthy states, but as with any novel subject and learning, we must first teach it how.

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