EPIC Functional Medicine offers a wide variety of comprehensive testing to uncover root causes and triggers to the system. Most commonly we order Comprehensive Blood testing at LabCorp and Stool Chemistry Testing for our clients. Many times we get asked the importance of routine testing and if all of the tests ordered are actually necessary – and the answer is, YES! 

Upon completion of initial lab testing with EPIC and throughout your Care Plan, you may notice that smaller panels of follow up labs are ordered for you. Follow up lab tests are determined directly from your past lab results, supplement recommendations and/or in some cases, based on any current out-of-the-norm symptoms that you report to your clinical team.

If past results have shown a value that is too high or too low, this may be cause for having a recheck. In addition, if you are currently on or have been recommended supplementation to balance out certain results that may have been out of the normal range, it is required to check in on these often to ensure the supplementation is working properly or still necessary to be taken. It’s important to note that most supplements are not meant for lifelong use, so testing helps to determine when we can stop that specific supplement and/or adjust the dosage if needed.

In addition to follow up labs, Full Blood and Stool testing is recommended annually. Testing this annually is crucial in keeping an eye on the function of the body overall and ensuring it is doing well with all of the changes that have been implemented thus far with supplementation and EPIC’s Five Pillars of Health. You may find through annual testing that your labs have improved significantly, or in some cases, that certain areas may require further attention and monitoring to reach or maintain optimal health and wellbeing. This also acts as an updated “baseline” for your Provider to go off of, rather than using outdated results.

All labs ordered by your EPIC Provider are necessary; asking your Provider to reduce/remove labs from the order in efforts to save on costs, could end up costing you in the long run. We say this because there is a benefit to being proactive when it comes to labs and testing, rather than waiting until there is a critical issue before continuing, which could possibly result in even further extensive testing. For any lab related questions, please contact Stephanie via Secure Message over the Patient Portal or by Phone at 319-466-0026. 

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