For a good majority of us, the fall and winter months are met with some brutally cold days. There are some who are brave enough to venture out in this more extreme weather to get in their daily movement – wind, rain, snow or shine – but what about the rest of us who maybe aren’t so fond of the cold days ahead? Don’t get me wrong, during these harsher months, it is still very important to get outside and soak up what the sun has to offer, however, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to have their workout or movement routine be dependent on this.  

One solution is to look into getting a gym membership if you have a few extra bucks to spare per month. In most areas, there are a wide variety of gyms to accommodate different needs. 

Are you newer to working out and not sure where to start? Some gyms offer trainers included with your membership – and don’t let the word “trainer” intimidate you! They are there to teach you what you want to learn, which can range from anything from light stretching to intense exercises, depending on where YOU set the pace! 

Some offer group classes which can help with accountability and trying something new. There are gyms with pools for you to enjoy a nice, warm indoor swim workout even throughout the colder months. 

There are all kinds of machines to get your heart rate pumping, like my personal favorite: the elliptical! Machines are great because again, you can set your own pace and do what’s most comfortable for your body. 

Another option is indoor movement. Not everyone has the room or finances to create a full-blown indoor gym inside of their home. BUT, the majority of people do have the ability to clear a section on their living room floor – and that’s all it takes! 

In today’s world, hundreds of at-home workouts are just a google or youtube search away as well as virtual workout classes being offered. Many of these workouts don’t require any equipment or aid you in getting creative with using what you have. 

Want to add light weights to your workout but don’t have any? As an example, fill a gallon jug with water to hold while you do your squats. There are so many accessible indoor workouts like yoga, HIITS, stretching, dance workouts and many more! 

Find what works best for you, play your favorite music or podcast, invite a friend — whatever you need, as long as it gets your blood pumping! 

Lastly, maybe you’re one of those people who can brave some cold weather, but just prefer to avoid the worst of it. If this is you, you can plan your workouts according to the weather. 

On the super cold days you can hit the gym or do some indoor movement, and on the nicer and sunnier days, you can hit the trails for a nice walk, jog, run – you name it! If you do plan to work out outdoors in the colder months, here are a few tips to ensure you’re doing it safely:

  1. Check the windchill – strong enough wind can penetrate even your clothes and in extreme cases cause frostbite, even if you dressed for the cold weather. It’s also important to wear things to protect your head, ears, hands and feet such as: hats, gloves, thermal socks, scarves, etc. Along with this, learn the signs of frostbite and hypothermia to be able to help quickly identify if this is happening to you or a friend. 
  2. Dress in layers – there is such a thing as dressing “too warmly” even in extreme temperatures. Once you feel yourself starting to build a sweat, remove a layer or two and set aside to put back on as needed. 
  3. This one speaks for itself: Stay hydrated!

Don’t let the cold months stop you from getting your movement on – you’ll be glad you stuck to it! 

To your health and wellbeing

Stephanie Pete

Executive Assisstant

EPIC Functional Medicine

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